The Mind Field of Fitness Leggings. What’s Your Fit? 🤔

Long gone are the day’s of leotard’s & one size fits all leggings. With the addition of leg warmers just to point out your going to be exercising (I still wear them b.t.w). 

These days with the 100 plus more different types & styles of fitness leggings on offer it’s a mind field of what leggings should I buy.

Any leggings can look great for a picture standing up posing in the mirror. But what about actually been practical to workout in.

I have witnessed many females who have the latest gear on turning up to train or workout. But can’t even get a good sweat on because their fitness leggings was not fit for purpose.

If your like me. As long as it’s a bargain, doesn’t break the bank. Comfortable & I don’t have to keep adjusting it inbetween jumping jacks then it’s a winner👐🏾👌🏾.

It can be daunting starting off finding fitness leggings to get back to exercising regularly. Especially when your told well these leggings can tone your butt just by putting them on or this one can make you appear 2 dress sizes smaller when you haven’t even done one workout yet. (I jest🤣).

But other considerations do come into play when thinking about which fitness leggings is right for me. What if I’m feeling bloated? What if I am doing cardio cycling which is bound to end in a pool of sweat? What if I’m training outdoors?. Questions, questions & more questions.

But the answers are very simple. The first solution is high waisted leggings. 1. Because no matter your waist size. The top of the leggings will be above the belly. (If your honest no woman wants to look like she has 2 bellys. 2. There is minimal chance your leggings will start to slip down or expose underwear to the public. 3. They give you the appearance of a waistline. (If your like me. Very top heavy and a high waistline. Not a great candidate for low cut leggings).

4. They are so flattering for any figure. 5. If you have scars or deep stretch marks which can be irritated by the sun &/or sweat. They are great as a shield.

Variety is the key: Have a small range of leggings which are fit for purpose.

For example karrimoor Dry leggings. Great for outdoor workouts. The shinier the material the more resistant it tends to be in rainy or wetter conditions. Also easier to brush off any ground residue (polyester) unlike cotton leggings. The amount of elastane/spandex is important for elasticity especially in doing exercises which require alot of body movement for example Hiit, circuit or cardio. Which means also if you want your leggings to last more than a couple of workouts it is essential to enable your leggings to keep it’s shape after use and/or washing. (We have all owned a pair of leggings which we loved the look of and wore it once. To be worn again but the knees were were baggy👐🏾I hold my hands up. Guilty as charged🤣). Also been able to wear knee supports (lupus joint issues, arthritis or any other injury or condition affecting knees) without looking like an American football player.

Most high street brands leggings have the same material content. So before spending 100s of pounds on the latest gear just check the label.

If your just beginning to exercise again at least have one plain leggings. Because patterned leggings are hard to judge, on looking the actual shape of your body as a starting point.

If you want to give a more shapely appearance in your leggings. Then panel design leggings are great. I should know even though I’m toned I have spaghetti legs. So panel design leggings just highlight what’s already there.

I love these Primark fitness leggings. I wear them indoors & outdoors for training. High waisted but can be folded down depending on preference. So comfortable

So what’s your fit? Is there leggings you just wouldn’t buy, wear & why? Do you have a favourite? Let me know.


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