Where there’s fitness, there’s a way. Upper Body Tone & Strengthening 💪🏾😁 Exercises (supine: laying down).

When you have those upper body tone & Strengthening goals.

Your first thought maybe is oh dear I haven’t got any weights or go to gym. Depending on your reasons which are many. For example child care, work, money, workout & weights equipment space issues at home plus &/or illness. There are more examples but those I selected are the most common expressed to me as a fitness professional & having Lupus (SLE) I can relate to feeling very tired or to sick to either leave the house or Joints misbehaving not been able to lift weights (dumbbells).

But still wanting to work on those upper body tone & Strengthening goals.

The beauty of fitness is there is an alternative or adaptation to achieve fitness & health muscle tone regardless of any barriers, whether that be physically or financially. Of course if your able to get to a gym, have weights at home e.t.c. Then these are great to do on alternate day’s. Mix it up a bit.

Not using weights (dumbbells or a barbell) will mean having to do more reps if you want to go into muscle fatigue or overload.

But as for having an exercise to aid toning & strengthening that upper body.


• Deltoids.

● Trapeze.

• Teres Minor.

● Rhomboids.

• Biceps.

Creating nice tone on the arms & upper back. Been a female with quite a large chest size it was essential for me to Strengthen my upper body to support the weight of my chest reducing back ache & shoulder strain from my bras. (I still wear 2 fitness tops & a bra for cardio or Hiit thou. Maximum safety measures🤣).

Supine resistance/endurance exercises using a resistance stretch band is my favourite.

1. Because resistance bands are so cheap for a pack of different sizes (resistance).

2. Doesn’t take up any space. So you can keep one in your bag or hung up.

3. It’s great for other uses. Such as a exercise aid toning other muscle groups such as the abs & core. For example assisted sit ups or leg raises.

The important thing is not to let the resistance band do the workout for you & maintain proper form. Which is the back lays flat on the floor throughout exercise. Knees can be bent alternatively. It’s just easier & more stable to have the band using the base of the feet (personal choice) as a hook.

It’s great to feel you managed a workout & no barriers got in the way of working on those goals & help with exercise consistency.

Here is a collection of 4 exercises laying on your back toning the shoulders & upper back.

Always engage your abs (pull in belly button for maximum stomach contraction).

The number of reps depend on what your individual goals are?



What are your goals & challenges?

Commit to Get Fit & Motivated.

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