Nature, Fitness, Health, Wellbeing & Lupus💜.

There’s something about nature that always fills my heart, mind & body with joy, peace & calm.

Whether it is training 🏃🏾‍♀️💪🏾 or a moment to just be free in a space without the hustle & bustle of busy London & urban living.

Having Lupus (SLE) the multiple times spent amongst the four walls of a hospital. Including appointments, hospital admissions & in isolation ward rooms due to high risk infection.

IV Drips, medication, having to sit through another conversation given by a consultant about a new diagnosis caused by lupus. Plus chemicals & all those manufactured smells makes it for me even sweeter to breath in nature’s air. Watch the ripples of the pond & just get lost in my own world of imagination.

With fitness been so versatile. Stretches with focused breathing techniques applied. Providing an effective exercise to stretch, tone & flex those muscles in a relaxed way & tranquil environment. Embracing a healthy positive mindset & self love.

Beneficial to wellness & wellbeing as your in a state of calm ness & at one with self.

As a cardio fanatic & trainer just walking (Fartlek: interval training) or just a stroll outside. You find yourself going longer because your enjoying the moment because there isn’t that clock watching pressure you get on a treadmill in a gym.

Once you create that moment of doing whatever exercise or stretches in nature (outside green spaces) that ticks your box.

It is a transferable memory to help with motivation if you are ill or have a situation which prevents you from working out outdoors to remain consistent with your exercise goals.

So just by adjusting your route to work, schools, appointments or out with the children (parents, guardians, family members etc.).

Passing through a green space for example walking, jogging, skipping & the list goes on. All which counts as getting active (exercise). There’s no social checklist🗒🖊 to adhere to😁👍🏾.

Even as just a starting point to getting active. Which could be for example completing a walk through a favourite green space of your choice can be the beginning of a love for the great outdoors & discoveries of spaces that would not be presumed as providing any type of peace.

Fitness & wellbeing go hand in hand ☯️ compliment eachother when done in harmony of improving general health overall.

Such as a walk along the Thames. Which has a magic about it. As a piscean where there’s water I seem to be very happy😂.

So when people ask me why I love working out & exercising outdoors so much. I simply say I’m making up for lost time.haha.

Commit to get fit & motivated.

Lupus💜: Keepitmoving 👣.

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