Don’t Let The Rain, Stop You Train..🌦πŸ’ͺ🏾😁

With the unpredictable London weather. It’s easy to say I don’t feel motivated today to go outside & do some exercise. Therefore end up not doing any fitness training at all.

But you can responsibly even on the wettest day’s (let’s be honest as there will be plenty.haha). To adapt your fitness training still hitting those daily active goals.

As a trainer & sports coach. Health & safety is priority when training in wet weather (or any weather condition). But for the purpose of this blog the focus is still maintaining that fitness drive when the rain is pouring down.

To achieve cardio endurance removing hazards & reducing potential injuries training outdoors. I adopt the Fartlek training method. Interval training which is great cardio. Story play your usual routine with times to increase your heart rate & then stabilise it. Whether it’s a power walk, jog or run combined. It makes that workout more interesting whilst the rain is falling & you can’t wait to get in doors for that cuppa tea.

I always have a thin light rain proof hooded jacket. To be fair I bought a Gap mens hooded jacket years ago (only because initially the female jackets didn’t fit my chest size: My confessionalπŸ™ŒπŸΎ). It ended up been the best purchase I made.

The mistake I see with alot of females & males. Is wearing tight jackets & tops. Which I know it might look good for vanity purposes. But when wet or soaked by the rain is no good for your overall health. Because body temperature regulation is an important factor. If your clothes are soaked but clinging to your skin. Your increasing the risk of unregulated body temperature fluctuation.

Especially those with invisible illnesses or autoimmune illnesses such as Lupus SLE like myself. Comprising health in favour of simulating a sports illustrated cover or getting that picture perfect selfie shot (tried it & failed) is a definite no no🀣🀣.

But enjoying the natural smells & the beauty of nature in the rain. Because it looks like you are exercising in a HD environment. As the rain highlights details such as the greenery of leafs, the different fragrances of flowers etc.

I do love natureπŸ’š so I tend to get carried away. The aspect of wellness is elevated when you have nature’s energy driving you to complete your daily goal/target.

If the rain is to torrential. Cardio can be achieved indoors regardless of space. So putting on your favourite song. With the premise of timing such as a 3min duration. Doing a Hiit session with exercise combination, Jog on spot, burpees & squats for example.

Enables you to not dampen that motivation & get your training done. As there are bodyweight exercises for all areas of fitness, toning, strengthening, flexibility, stability, balance, endurance, core & cardio. The state of the weather fades into non existence when determining if you can train or not.

Fitness Health Wellbeing

Also for resistance. Use two water bottles or cans as your weights & increase reps if you don’t have gym weights in your house. It may encourage you to invest in resistance stretch bands (love themπŸ₯°).

But it’s about conditioning the mindset to been focused on whatever your individual goals are. Be it weightloss, lifestyle change, toning etc. Regardless of what is going on outside your window.

If you need encouragement why not Skype or WhatsApp a family member/friend/fitness acquaintance or your trainer for that extra motivation, energy or support.

No doubt there is someone else feeling the same way as thou the rain has taken the edge off going in on your workout.

Just remember you are in control of what you achieve & what you put in. Not anyone or the weather. So how much do you want it, is up to youπŸ˜πŸ‘ˆπŸΎπŸ’―

Commit To Get Fit & Motivated.

LupusπŸ’œ: Keepitmoving πŸ‘£.

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