Summer🌼 ➡️ Autum🍂🍁: Fitness Transition.

Alot of us may experience the realisation of that summer feeling coming to an end. Bringing forth colder weather & darker days.

Which can reflect on our level of fitness activity. For example in summer not getting dark until 9pm or later. The air still warm so finishing work in the evening or late had no impact on going to park & working out without having to worry about getting locked in (which has happened to me a few times 🤫🙄😂).

Also that energy summer brings with the sun rising early which gives you that extra zing to get up out of bed.

So having a fitness plan or ideas created which can sustain your motivation &/or goals is great for that summer to autumn transition.

With the availability of daylight & opening hours in parks decreased for those like myself who like exercising outdoors & in nature surroundings.

It’s not all doom & gloom. Because taking positive steps to plan your fitness to fit in with your updated schedule will provide realistic results according to whether you put the work in.

Which will test your motivation for example geting that cardio done (i.e steps goals). Which you may have completed substituting transport for walking. But with the weather maybe so cold the mood to walk when you just want to be indoors with a hot drink is way more appealing.

So planning a cardio exercise. For example a timed on the spot jogging set or Hiit set which you can do indoors is at least certain that this particular goal can be achieved.

Also with any type of resistance or endurance exercise training the principles are the same. As I’m not much of a regular gym goer. I much prefer having training partner’s who are experienced in different disciplines but that’s just a personal choice. To familiarise myself & makesure I’m using proper technique using weights.

Which is why I love resistance stretch bands (yes I know I mention them in every blog🤦🏾‍♀️). But increasing my reps is still aligning with my strength progression goals.

Looking at your nutrition is also a consideration when the summer to autumn transition period hits you. The natural tendency to eat more been indoors is nothing to get distressed about. Just be honest with yourself & don’t punish or feel guilty because you ate half a packet of biscuits with a cup of tea. As this self loathing is self sabotaging your motivation to stay on a ⬆️ direction.

If it triggers emotional issues. Maybe if not done already is time to seek a healthcare professionals guidance. Because wellness & wellbeing is major factors which contribute to your overall level of health & fitness been sustainable.

As with having adequate clothing to adjust to the colder climate. So pulling out all those gloves, leggings, jogging bottoms, sweaters & hoodies etc tucked away in the closet. Having them placed in the wardrobe or hanging up ready to hand. Makes the transition easier in ways of having layers readily available.

Especially for those like myself with autoimmune illnesses such as Lupus💜 in my case which I also have lupus related illnesses for example arthritis, lung pleurisy & Raynaud’s. Affected by weather changes or cold temperatures that can trigger symptoms.

It’s always better to be prepared. So if your working on glutes for example. Have a set of glute workouts that you can do at home. Which is when YouTube is a great tool exercising along instructors who do the whole routine. But my advice is to invest in a P.T or qualified instructor either independently or in a gym who can show you the correct techniques & poses for exercises.

I can’t stress the importance of correct technique enough been number one priority to achieving the correct muscle groups (area of focus for example abs) been exercised.

The importance this has on preventing injury or causing long term problems/damage to joints is a major health issue. Which I see too many people risking what they think is getting that toned butt or thighs is actually working out entire different muscles which can lead to over usage & cause damage (increase probability of wear & tear).

Also maybe adjusting your aftercare routine. Because of weather changes. It’s important that the muscles stay warm whilst the body cools down at a moderate rate to reduce muscle cramping or joint pain issues.

So if like those who are of older years or have any type of autoimmune illness. Having extra layered knee support, long socks (I added those because I love long socks🥰.haha), thermal vests or jacket etc if working out outdoors. Plus indoors having a temperature regulated room.

Just think we make/have many transitions in our life. So this is just a transition in which direction of your choosing (of course we don’t control the seasons or weather). To adjust your fitness &/or routine to fit in with your schedule &/or stay on track with your goals.

It could even prompt you to join a new fitness class for example spin exercise classes for your cardio or buy weights or bars for your home etc.

So be positive about your summer ➡️ autumn fitness transition. Be creative to keep that motivation up⬆️ & seek support if needed because your never the only one who’s thinking about can I achieve that same level of fitness I had in the summer without it feeling like a chore…..

Commit To Get Fit & Motivated.

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