Autumn Fitness Cardio & Stretch💪🏾🚶🏾‍♀️🏃🏾‍♀️🍵.

With stormy london letting loose 🌧. The weather been colder.

● Layers: A waterproof light/thin non lined jacket that can enable movement & keep you dry (those ones that can be rolled into a size of a pair of socks😉).

To reduce time or limit clothing changes. I have exercise non clingy tights/thin leggings (it’s just a personal preference not to wear clingy leggings if i’m going to layer up) to do my stretches in & capri joggers that I can pull on top of them to do my cardio & sports coaching in.

It’s so important the ankles are covered up. Especially those like myself who have Raynaud’s (sensitivity to cold) as one my Lupus SLE related illnesses. Plus anyone with circulation issues which can be health or age related for example.

Also with layers. If the top layer gets wet from the rain it reduces it from clinging to the skin disrupting the temperature regulation of the body. Nothing worse than wet clothes giving you the chills 🥶. Also wearing one thick layer will just get heavy if it gets soaked in the rain. It would be like wearing concrete trousers.haha.

● Stretches to warm up the muscles & reduce the chance of cramping or injury . Especially important for muscle & joint health. Because doing any type of exercise requires the body to have a jump start. Take for example starting up a car. The key has to be put in the ignition to start up the engine. Just like the body has to stretch to fire up those muscles to give the best performance.

Be mindful of the type of stretches you do. Also the time (for example 10 sec. each Is standard for a warm up) or general stretching.

If it’s part of your fitness regime/plan. Then it’s advised you consult a fitness professional or health expert to get specific information on the types of stretches that will benefit you the best. As there is progressive (to restore range of motion: long side contraction) & regressive stretches (strength related: short side contraction). Also there is static stretches (holding a position/pose for period of time. For example holding a squat back to the wall) & dynamic stretches (requiring explosive movements. For example jumping squats).

It’s just as important not to over stretch because that can lead to injuries just as it is not stretching enough.

Because stretches can sound simple to those who don’t understand the complexities of the significance that so many different types & functions, stretches are used for.

Yoga is an ideal exercise that utilizes the use of stretching for every purpose including building core strength. The core been so important as it is the midsection of the body that connects the top & bottom. Providing stability & flexibility making it easier to execute most exercises correctly.

For example in a warm up or cool down as part of a routine. Also for rehabilitation or pain management etc. There are many uses & reasons beyond just doing a stretch & off I go.haha.

So like with anything to do with your overall maintenance of your health, joints & muscles which will differ from one person to another. Make sure your stretches are fit for purpose.

● Cardio: Which does not mean been able to run yourself ragged on a treadmill or run laps like an olympic sprinter.

It can be as simple as power walking (basically walking fast with proper technique). Fartlek training which is Interval training. Walking slow & speeding up to a jog & then vice versa for a time period.

It can be one minute jog on the spot (aerobic) or mountain climber (plank position knee to chest jog). It can be anything that gets your heart rate raised/elevated enough to make it pump that blood (circulate) more than it would regularly.

So important for heart health & aiding cardiovascular improvements. Plus the energy used to burn calories for weightloss goals & weight maintenance is great. Because you can be creative as you want with the many varieties of cardio exercises. It’s can be free if your doing bodyweight cardio exercises or have stairs in your home or work. Also it can be a social thing. Like joining a spin class or Hiit class. Whatever takes your fancy.

● Herbal Tea: Find a herbal that you like to replace a standard cup of tea or coffee which is so tempting when you step in from the cold.

If you can get individual health benefits, specific to your nutritional goals. Then even better. Also go for decaffeinated herbal tea (for example green tea) or regular tea if you love tea as much as I do.

Because it’s still tea at the end of the day. So contains caffeine which too much of, will keep you up at night.

As forcing yourself to drink a herbal tea that you can’t stand is a waste of your money if you can just make a smarter choice not denying yourself something to look forward to after coming in from the cold.

So what stretches & cardio do like doing?

Would you prefer to layer up or wear single thicker layers?

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