Fitness, Health & Wellbeing Motivation: Transition ➡️ Regulation ➡️ Goals✅.

As we are nearing to the transition stage of lockdown not been so restrictive. Also with summer on it’s way. It’s an important topic to now address our daily routine in order to either help ourselves to keep to our existing goals be it in health & fitness. This includes goals we had previous & adapted to suit our situation &/or new goals which we created as a result of been in lockdown.

As with many of us will be facing having to change our daily routine to suit our present situation. This will include the time we had previously been reduced to put back in place things like going out to work or doing school runs etc.

So having that time when you put all into a workout & more won’t be on occasions possible when that time is not enough because of other lifestyle commitments. But planning ahead & making those goals will allow a smooth transition without compromising on the time & effort that you had put into it to begin with.

Which is where regulating your workouts or exercises starting from now is ideal. By looking at your schedule & been realistic about how much & when will fit into your present situation. Because been unrealistic is the best way to lose motivation when the thought of if I can’t do the exercises I started then I will be back where I started. Which isn’t the case. It’s all about regulation. By adjusting your workouts by substituting one for a different one which still works the same muscles is still keeping you on track.

For example if you did 100 push ups but did them in one go. Then it’s breaking them up into sections in the day such as first thing in the morning & then just before bed. There by still completing the 100 goal. Also if reading a entire book was your goal to give you a sense of relaxation & stimulating your mind/mental activity. By reading a number of pages when you wake & then just before you go to sleep. Is regulating your time spent on activities you had all day to spend on previously. Plus the most important aspect about any goal you had set yourself is been consistent.

This is for the general public who isn’t training for the Olympics &/or professional athletic events. Also celebraties who have or had the access to resources which most of the public do not have should it be for financial &/or space wise. The ones who made the choice to start fitness or health goals because they had the time & wanted to invest in making changes to fitness & health to fill in the time & keep their spirits up in the process. Many trying exercises for the first time. Which can bring up questions of will I have the time to continue the workouts I started. The answer been yes. Because it’s just rescheduling & creating a timetable to fit your needs.

It’s also keeping the alternative ways you found to keep you on track as a result of lockdown. For example the use of Zoom &/or whatsapp which was always an option for me to stay in contact & train my clients & do consultations anyway. Because everyone including myself is going to be able to have that face to face for many different reasons such as distance (location), work, study & illness etc for example is still been able to keep up with your plans to fulfilling your goal commitment & momentum to stick with it.

Which goes hand in hand with your wellbeing still been a priority & managing stress because that doesn’t disappear with just the words of lockdown restrictions been lifted. Just as there are transition stages to lockdown. There is life transition stages to adapting to lockdown.

So thinking about regulating the number of convenience foods you may have previously consumed for example those more than once a week take aways or coffee shop treats such as cappuccinos, muffins, smoothies etc. Which was just a normal occurrence. But with financial constraints & many not open. Most found ways to substitute or adapt to other methods of having what was so accessible. Such as making their own smoothies &/or hamburgers in bulk which can be freezed & served in a bun on a day when it would be that quarter pounder on a friday night. Haha.

By regulating even the new habits in eating can be beneficial to finances. Yes some consumed more maybe due to boredom. But asking yourself why would be the first thing to address. Also is it really the case. Realistically how much did you eat when you wasn’t in lockdown. Including the lunches & drinks consumed once leaving the house. Such as individuals especially young people & children who frequented the many chicken shops because of the cheap meals. As with individuals & parents that would just reach for the phone or pop into a fast food place to pick up something to eat because it’s convenient & thought to be time saving. It’s not meaning you have to give it up entirely. It’s regulating the foods & money spent.

The actuality of the situation is lockdown has shown us should we have chosen to utilize that time. The many easy dishes that can be created which were not only cheaper but healthier. Whether your recreating your favourite take away it’s still less saturated fat, salt & sugar. Because you only consume what you put into it. Where as ordered food has already come with salt, sugar etc. Which you may add to. To suit your tastebuds.

I know my sweet tooth was on steroids. So I had to address it. Then regulate my intake without denying myself the sugary pleasures that I liked. Haha. So I could actually spend the time to see which foods made me bloated. Which has surprised me with some. But now I know that certain foods is not for me.

Also been consistent with an activity which will stimulate mind & body won’t find me struggling for energy. Once lockdown does ease down. Because it’s like starting a new job. That first you get back home & it feels like you’ve run a marathon. Because the body &/or mind wasn’t prepared. Which is equally important for children & young people who are still developing. It’s preparing them physically & mentally to cope with been back at school or college etc. Having the energy to get as much as they can from day to day.

It’s gathering as much free information & exercises that you can from professionals you generally would have had to pay for previous to lockdown. For example taking yoga classes or hiit class etc.

With parent/s &/or care provider. Making sure they are in reasonable shape to deal with routine. Plus a different way to learning which will benefit them. Such as regulating their bedtime. As sleep is so important for health & other benefits in been able to function at our best. This also goes for adults. Readjusting to suitable sleep times. With insomnia on the increase (Me included). I have been challenging myself to be in bed by 12am regardless if I fall straight asleep or not. I have completed the 1st step. You could call it self lockdown rehabilitation.

Such as been more conscious about electric & gas usage. Can be regulated not just by adults but children & young people. Going to bed at a decent hour as explained before would also benefit your finances. Plus gaining a sense of responsibility for monitoring your consumption on things like food & computers etc.

Transitioning can be scary for some. Because of doubts & negative self talk. This is not only is destructive because it’s talking yourself out of things you haven’t in experienced yet. Also it’s not providing the motivation you’ll need to have the want or desire to be consistent.

So by looking at & trying different exercises or adapting your activities as in the times in a day you’d usually do them. Been realistic so that your goals don’t have to be let go of. Even if it’s extending it to maybe 6 weeks instead 4 weeks. It’s about putting yourself in position where it suits your present lifestyle without it been a hindrance or annoyance that will make you put it off untill a later time. Or compensating it with something not so healthy because of maybe any disappointment not having that six pack by summer etc. It’s not about been hard yourself. It’s simply been practical & realistic. Regulating your time, activities, exercises & goals. Not only to transition out of lockdown but also into summer & beyond. It’s about health, fitness & wellbeing sustainability.

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