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As we are all aware lockdown has brought with it many changes to our lives. Most of all restructuring our daily routine from working, socialising, family/friends as just a few examples.

With many who were previously shielding like myself (lupus sle) having to readjust back to a limited contact lifestyle.

But adopting a selfcare, health, fitness & wellbeing routine which I created for myself in more detail in the 1st lockdown.

As those like myself who have Lupus SLE (autoimmune illness). Have a head start in knowing the feeling of isolation. In my particular situation I had previously been in isolation due to contracting MRSA whilst receiving chemotherapy. So was confined to a hospital room for a few months.

I just know I watched the summer come & go looking out of my hospital window. Watching & wandering where each person was going. When I could have visitor’s. It was only family, one at a time in full on mask, gown & hat. It was like I was in a scifi movie.

I remember been so low mentally & physically that I unfairly took my anger out on throwing my bowls in the direction of the hospital staff who had come to check on my chart. I did apologise & buy a box of chocolates & card for her & staff.

The next day I just exploded in rage & started screaming I want to go home. Pulling out my drips barely strong enough to stand. But when the nurses & doctor tried to calm me down. Restrain me to reattach the drips. I came over all incredible hulk (not my proudest moment) with enough strength that needed five nurses & doctor to hold me down long enough to administer morphine.

When my sister turned up (the only person that made me feel a sense of calm) looked at me & just held my hand. I realised at that moment. I can’t run away or anger my way out of situations. But look at life as a temporary losses of things I can have once again should I choose to accept & deal with in my present.

Once been in a coma stripped me of everything such as my mobility, speech, some of my organs, health, fitness, work, relationship etc.

It was more of a rebirth than a devastating tragedy. Of course for my family as onlookers seeing a loved one in drips, tubes, comatosd, learning to walk again. From the one who loved been outdoors, playing sports & going out. I can’t imagine how they felt. Especially how my mother blamed herself.

Having to ease her worries that Lupus SLE chose me for a reason. Some things are meant to happen to put you on a path to been who you were meant to be.

Starting by going back to basics. Having planned to go to university to study sports science & having obtained a NVQ 3 Sports, Coaching Award including BAWLA (British Amateur Weightlifting Award) & football certificate. Just as Lupus SLE came along & took away those possibilities. Turning my attention to the scientific side by doing a degree in Health & Forensic science. Then BSc Psychology & the many qualifications that followed.

Finding a passion that ties into understanding the mindset & physical body. Meant having a more open view of looking & dealing with situations as everything has the ability to be changed for the better should you want it & willing to accept where you are right now with what you have.

So making those goals opens up possibilities which may of laid dormant because selfcare wasn’t first on your list of priorities. As society is vocal about what you should have, do & look like etc. That it has drowned out but if I live or seek to obtain what society thinks I should have, look like & do. Where does my individuality come into this. Whilst everyone is rushing around trying to keep up with the next person or label has prevented you from trying things. Such as in my case. Diagnosed with so many illnesses from chronic Anaemia, 30% Kidney Function due to kidney failure twice, limited lung capacity due to scarring (lung failure), Oesteoporosis due to medication/illness etc.

The list is so long it reads like a ‘Lord of the Flies’ novel. Haha. That the perception of me on paper is not which stands in front of someone when they meet me & always a surprise &/or shock.

Sourcing a mentor & P.T to guide me in the right way during studying & gaining my Level 3 Personal Training, Fitness & Gym Instructor/Trainer/Teacher certification & accreditation. Including continuous personal & professional development qualifications including Yoga Teacher Certification, Nutrition & Support Teacher Qualification as well as SEN (special, educational, needs) training. Working in primary & secondary schools teaching different forms of active play & specific fitness such as yoga, gymnastics & gym. The world of experience & opportunities is endless. Plus learning from those who have more knowledge is continuous learning.

Health, fitness & wellbeing became more than just a tagline or saying. It was a selfcare statement. Saying I am committed to working on all areas of my life which makes me. My mind & body is the beginning of everything I do in this life. So yes I have a illness that rages war on my body daily & have the scars to prove it. But improving my nutrition, exercising daily regardless of whether it’s going for walk, doing a workout indoors or outdoors. My health is improved automatically because of those beneficial changes.

Wanting to try a challenging yoga pose. Meant utilizing other fitness techniques to enable & build strength in the muscles required to achieve them. Improving flexibility, mobility & my health & wellbeing simultaneously without consciously focused on that goal.

Selfcare became the confidence & life that allowed situations like lockdown not to be the doom & gloom of my year. But the chance to see if everything I have learnt & experienced previously sees the opportunities & benefits of resources available to me. That goals are not subject to tying them to things. For example if your thing is going to the gym. Why not video chat with someone whilst doing a improvised gym workout.

If your goal is cardio. Then doing steps using the pavement is an option. Or if you have a garden or balcony. Using the door step to do steps.

Alternatively instead of throwing out your empty water bottles. Use them as weights. Like those busy working as key workers. Such as myself before having to step back until end of most present lockdown.

One minute meditation just to relax & breathe. Whether on waking up or before bedtime. Taking a moment just to centre myself allows the mind & body to relax without outside world interference. Provides focus.

The main point of selfcare in lockdown with days getting darker & colder earlier. Is that starting with self it’s your choice & responsibility to take care of what your mind & body needs in your internal world. As what you do internally will benefit your external world.

If you eat better (nutritionally balanced) than your body will feel better (such as gut health & mood). If you feel better than your confidence gets better. Such as loving who you are. The pressure to look or be a certain way is no longer important. It’s this is who I am & I love it.

Outside in the parks &/or outside spaces is free. Make it into a something that is beautiful &/or fun/active for you. The benches can be your push ups bench. The tree can be your hand stand practice wall. Even playing games should you have children/child is actively benefiting the health, fitness & wellbeing of all.

No one has to feel alone. If you know a person who is confined to their house or feels lonely. Have them be at their door or window. From a distance do some stretches together. Have a interactive activity planned post it through their door. Be creative which activates those brain cells.

Start a journal. We have been programmed in life to look at what we have to do & what we don’t have. Instead of what we have & what we can do. Therefore the motivation is more of task than it is a desire/passion which is this unique experience designed just for you to explore & stay committed to mentally & physically.

Has it already been a difficult year. Yes as anytime a situation causes a mass number of sickness & the loss of life is regardless of cause. But finding your selfcare within all of this will at least provide you with a stepping stone for taking on whatever situation comes before you & the ability to adapt with change more easily.

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