New Year 💫 🎉Self Care: Winter ❄ Active 🔥. Fitness, Health & Wellbeing.

First let’s start on a high ‘Happy New Year’ 🎉. Like many around the globe. The pandemic is still much a factor in our lives effecting health, fitness &/or wellbeing . So those new year resolutions probably not so much a focus as in previous years. With so many of us already doing the things we might had usually left to start in the new year.

Just like Christmas decorations were up in November which is a first but why not. Those who had previously been shielding like myself (Lupus SLE) & related illnesses including chronic kidney disease. This latest lockdown came as no surprise

But if 2020 didn’t give you the motivation to make those changes. Then hopefully it been a new year will. Especially with flu season & the safety in your own home not just physically but also  mentally is at an all time high of priority. Not just because of the strain on the health care system such as the NHS here in the UK.

But for all the other illnesses that are outside of the consequences of covid which has ment cancelled appointments & procedures etc. Plus the rise in obesity. At what point is it a individuals responsibility to start resourcing & educating themselves. Either from the beginning or whatever level you are at. It’s time to accept making changes within your home & with yourself ensuring you’ve done your part.

Knowing how important it is not just because I’m in the  extreme vulnerable group. But because I have a healthy strong friend who has been affected by Covid & now is suffering the affects of it. So even active communication is a source of health & wellbeing exercise. Encouraging sending updates & what activities I have been doing. Keeps the brain active & communication flowing. Not just for the sick the person but also the friend, family &/or acquaintance.

As I know not everyone has a garden or back yard. But even with the cold air I have never been so passionate about appreciating it as I did before lockdown. Hence prompting me to get my finger out & fix it up at a budget. Just so I have a safe space to exercise or just sit & have a moment.

Exercises which are transferable. Indoor & outdoor (Bodyweight). Can also be intense if you need them to be. For example if you have particular goals such as weight loss or toning.

Yoga is my favourite because it can serve as many purposes as I require. Be it fitness (flexibility, tone & Strengthening), health (activating the mind & body function) & wellbeing using yoga wellness techniques. Which is a great combination  with my general fitness exercises which can be too much for my body to deal with because of the specific movements. For example weights are not always an option for me so I’d swap them out with stretch bands or just bodyweight but up my reps.

Some may say what’s the point if your not able to go anywhere. That’s the point of realisation of knowing are you doing workouts to improve your health &  fitness for yourself or is it just for show. If it’s the latter then that can be harmful to your wellbeing because the motivation is one dimensional. So there’s less chance to maintain consistency or results to be sustainable if there is no realistic goal attached.

Journals are also a big thing in my life which I started long before lockdown. But been in lockdown has proved how valuable it has been to my overall health. Especially my wellbeing & balancing my emotions.

Writing down my thoughts the good, the bad & the ugly. Enables me to manage my emotions in a healthier way than holding onto them & it affecting my day. Also setting times & dates to do whatever activity you have in mind (plan) creates a routine.

You can start off small for example I have a beautiful glass bottle light that I turn on before I go to sleep in another room or the garden. Because I want to save battery life. I set my time for sunrise BST. So if I want my light to last longer I’m more motivated to get up & walk, skip or jump to turn it off come morning. I have to say one or two days I didn’t do it & the battery died. So now when that alarm goes I’m up & ready.

You don’t need a mat just a towel. To exercise on as when I used to workout out or exercise in the park I never used a mat because a towel was so much easier to throw through the handle of my backpack (yes I admit I’m that one woman you know who doesn’t do handbags) They are so annoying. Haha.

Stretch bands also if you have old thick lycra tights. Get creative & tie up the feet to crotch area & there you just got yourself a stretch band for light resistance. Which will suffice until you get yourself some fitness ones which are advisable should you want to do more intense workouts/exercise. Or as a tester to see if it’s something you’ll use. Because how many of us got excited about the latest bit of kit. Bought it only to sit in the corner & gather dust.

I love them because they are great resistance alternative to weights on intermediate days using weights such as dumbbells or barbells. If my joints are not happy with me that day. It happens 🙄💁🏾‍♀️ Lupus Life.

Also for practicing technique before using weights. They have so many functions. As the potential to injure yourself is greater because you might not have a fitness buddy to spot you with heavy weights dependent on your lockdown circumstances. Intense workouts with the heaviest resistance stretch bands (more reps) is a great alternative.

When looking at social media let the exercise position be your inspiration rather than the physique of the person doing it. Not to say you can’t appreciate how toned or flexible the person is. Because we all possess an individual beauty male & female the only difference is the confidence to own it.

Plus not everyone gets the results in the most safest & healthiest way. Some been surgically enhanced (which is each to their own should that be right for you). So unless been advised to by a qualified health or fitness professional. It’s not wise to copy every element that one person has said worked for them.

So let 2021 be the year you own your nutrition, lifestyle choices, fitness, health & wellbeing. So by the summer or end of the year. Your stronger, healthier & glowing regardless of whatever the world has thrown on your path because you’ve pathed it from the inside out.

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