Autumn Active 🍂 🧡 Mind & Body: Yoga + Fitness. General & Lupus Exercise Motivation.

Indoor & Outdoor Active.

Yes autumn is here and the daylight hours have decreased. So as the evening’s get darker earlier. It’s a reminder that summer is definitely over and those late evening’s strolling through parks or using the park gym area is no longer an option. Not only are most park’s closing at dusk (about 7.30ish). But for safety reason’s it wouldn’t be a good idea to exercise/use equipment in a poorly lit area. Also especially for women and girls in the current climate been outdoors after dark comes with the extra responsibility to keep yourselves as safe as possible.

But on the upside yoga and fitness has a place indoors as much as it does outdoors. So you don’t lose the principles/reason’s of why you exercise. That whatever goals you had during the summer can still be done. Of course you would have to realistically look at whether the external motivational aspects. For example walking through the park at 9pm was your motivation because it was quiet or going to a Hiit class at the gym on a tuesday evening only. Tying your level of motivation to a specific time, place and/or conditions can have an effect on your momentum to be motivated should any those change. As it’s not just some of the reasons already mentioned above for example a decrease in daylight hours. But there are also circumstances which can also have an effect on your motivation when you base it on specifics such as unforseen life matters.

• Financially:

You may have changed your job or taken on more hours so no longer can attend the class on the specific day.

May have lost your job so no longer can afford the gym or class access.

• Illness

May have become ill or a pre existing illness has advanced and effected your mobility.

• Social

The demands of family and friends. Work &/or study have increased.

These are just a few general examples. It’s just too illustrate from day to day things and situations can change. But what doesn’t have to change is setting a realistic goal.

Indoor and Outdoor Active.

Set your goal based on the results you want to achieve. For example increasing upperbody strength. Whether you do this by doing yoga and/or fitness (resistance training). The focus of your motivation is on increasing upperbody strength and not on ‘well I can’t go the gym today so I won’t bother’. Having a range of exercises that are aimed at increasing upperbody strength indoor or outdoors that is adaptable so not to compromise your motivation should a unforseen situation happen.

Having Lupus SLE (autoimmune illness) and Lupus related illnesses: Chronic Aneamia, Chronic Kidney Disease (at end stage) and more. *For more on my Lupus SLE Ilness + Health + Fitness and Wellbeing Journey/Story. Please read previous blog. The unpredictability of this illness has meant having a vast catalogue of exercises as a go to to suit my goal needs and stay motivated because I always have a substitute or adaptation. Including exercises I just love doing. As exercise is not just about going through the motions. I have certain exercises that I love doing daily because of the feeling it provides whether that’s doing a yoga headstand daily (which I do). Arm pull-downs be it with a stretch band/ barbell or no weights at all. Leg raises laying on the floor and lifting legs to work my core/abs. or back leg raises (donkey kicks) to work those thigh and glute muscles. The Lotus Pose (yoga) to relax my mind, stretch & breathe. Be it for a few minutes in the morning or afternoon. All these exercises are staples which form part of my everyday. By having a daily exercise range means my whole body from head to toe has engaged in muscle toning, strengthening and stretching. This provides the consistency element and maintenance of my general health and well-being because exercisee for me helps with mind activation. Also a energy boost when I’m feeling sluggish or had to deal with a stressful situation. As I love to walk but had experienced plantar fascitis (painful foot injury). At first I was at a loss on what can I do if I can’t do my walk. So I did stretching calf exercises outside instead and sat in a chair doing heel raises. I quickly realised it was more about been outside than it was about the walking itself. Don’t get me wrong I still love walking because it’s like everytime I walk I become an explorer (I get excited about noticing new things😆). Especially spotting random knitted post box toppers on different routes (walking expedition) I took on my way home from work. Sometimes convincing one or two of my work colleagues to join me.

Also with the news of my chronic kidney disease caused by Lupus SLE now in it’s end stage with next step complete failure ➡️ dialysis ➡️transplant. Which has been on the card’s for years but now an imminent present reality. The aneamia symptoms have been on the increase. So fatigue been the major challenge. Not just on the body but also mentally the feeling of been fatigued can be frustrating. That with more hospital appointments/tests/medications. Aswell as fitting in work, training clients, advocacy, family, friends, hobbies and just living to be honest😆. It can be looked at as in there’s just not enough time in the day and become overwhelmed. Or utilise your daily routine by using exercises from your catologue/traing program to combine both. Plus putting me in a good position for when I have to take a short break following my major surgery (kidney transplant). Plus to maintain general health and help with any existing pains or ailments due to general aches and pains including those associated with illnesses + IBS (bloating). Also Lupus flare-up day’s.

For example. I may opt for a morning appointment which provides a drive to go to bed earlier and get up early (I’m not a morning person at the best of times). Walking to my appointments instead of transport. So not only do get a good stretch and mind + body activation. The benefits extend to aiding cardiovascular health and/or using the fartlek technique. I would’ve done interval training just going to and from the hospital or you could use this technique going shopping/work/university etc.

With resistance training a stretch band is such a versatile piece of kit. Inexpensive and easy to store or take with you anywhere. Can be used for progression and/or regression training. Stretching or as an exercise aid. I alternate between weights and resistance band’s sometimes for practical reasons. If I’ve done a big weights (overload) workout the day before. I wouldn’t do another big set the day after. Because I need the time for the muscles to recover. Over doing resistance exercises can increase the risk of injury (Safety first). So on intermediate day’s the resistance stretch band can provide a light version resistance exercise. Also can provide stretching those muscles and lubricating those joints to avoid stiffness. Thou it can be tempting when you experience. Delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) for the first time. But been active daily can come in many different forms.

Just as doing the housework. Can be adapted to be an effective workout. With sweeping your using arm action and force. As with gardening you’ll find yourself after a few hours feeling like you’ve done a whole workout because you have. So using a hobby for example dancing or any hobby that has you moving as one of your workout day’s is beneficial to keeping that motivation up. If your not keen on standard forms of exercising.

With bar’s (pull-ups/dips). As I don’t have the room for standing bar’s. I have a doorway one. Just to practice pull-ups. But will go to the park to use the dip bars or the pull-up bar’s where I can do much more. Usually just to go over and/or hang upside down (the inner gymnast comes out🤣). With bar’s thou you can utilise the park’s children’s area climbing frame’s. As there is aways one in every park or children’s play area🤔. Unlike the adult bar’s which are usually only found in the bigger park’s. Plus I find the kid’s climbing frame which usually has a variety of different handles. So you can alternate your holding preference. Target different muscle groups and use it too practice yoga moves been air born.

As I can’t do a handstand which requires palm’s flat on the floor and arms straight because of wrist fracture/arthritis (limited mobility/range of motion). Using the bar’s I can straighten my body and arm’s upside down. Also using my core strength and using them to do knee/leg raises. The advantage I find is the environment feels much more relaxed and it’s easier to find a time when the play area is not been used.

I do believe anything that gets you active and keeps you motivated. Will keep you in the good habit of been consistent. That any goal you have. Be it too improve your health, fitness, well-being or all three. There are way’s to implement your exercise routine into your daily life and in any circumstances. Yoga and fitness is so adaptable. So don’t be afraid to look outside the box and create an exercise plan that suit’s you, your circumstances and benefits your goals.

As I always state. Before starting on any exercise plan/routine. Seek advice from a professional health/medical practitioner before doing so.

Also invest in a session with a yoga &/or fitness professional. To makesure you practice good technique and which will provide an assessment on your fitness level. Including the best exercises that will be suited/safest for you to do in achieving your goal. Once you have that initial knowledge from a trained professional. You can use it going forward for example exercising on your own and/or attending a class. You’ll have an understanding of how to properly do a pose (alignment) or do a weights workout for example handling dumbbells/barbells, how to squat properly and how to practice wellness effectively. You’ll be surprised how much people have inadvertently caused themselves injury and/or misunderstood the concept of wellness. Due to taking on a vigorous exercise routine or immulating the experience of a wellness figure just by watching online video’s without any advice or training from a trained professional first. Even as a trained yoga, fitness and wellbeing + wellness trainer/teacher/instructor. Also a sport’s coach. I always hired a fitness professional to train me first to get the right technique. Especially with disciplines I was not accustomed to such as bar’s, boxing and martial arts. As with any exercise doing them wrong and/or over a long period of time can come with health consequences/injuries. Plus that initial motivational boost and confidence. That you might sometimes need when that energy level is low. Having someone there to push you allowing you to see how much you can actually do. That you’ll carry on long after your session (s) are done and independently.

So will you be active this autumn.

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