Autumn Fitness Cardio & Stretch💪🏾🚶🏾‍♀️🏃🏾‍♀️🍵.

With stormy london letting loose 🌧. The weather been colder. ● Layers: A waterproof light/thin non lined jacket that can enable movement & keep you dry (those ones that can be rolled into a size of a pair of socks😉). To reduce time or limit clothing changes. I have exercise non clingy tights/thin leggings (it’s […]

Keeping On Top Of Your Fitness🤔….

As the title states. Keeping on top of your fitness may seem like a tedious task. But just think if you didn’t plan or schedule the time you had to wake up for an important lunch date, exam, hospital appointment, work or your favourite program etc. You’d end up missing out on something that is […]

Love is Love… – Poem by Georgia Elliott

Health & Wellbeing is finding what helps you to express yourself & makes you happy. This is mine as poetry is my way of creativity. A release of emotions in words that allows my mind to have peace. Not contained by my #lupus #dyslexia or general stresses of life we all experience at some point. […]

Summer🌼 ➡️ Autum🍂🍁: Fitness Transition.

Alot of us may experience the realisation of that summer feeling coming to an end. Bringing forth colder weather & darker days. Which can reflect on our level of fitness activity. For example in summer not getting dark until 9pm or later. The air still warm so finishing work in the evening or late had […]

Fitness, Raynaud’s & Lupus.

The benefits of fitness for anyone is an improvement of health &/or lifestyle. Especially for those with an illness which has no cure at present such as Lupus (SLE) in my case & many others. As Lupus (SLE) can create lupus related illnesses such as chronic kidney disease, anaemia, lung pleurisy, pneumonia etc. Due to […]

Heatwave, Fitness, health & Lupus: survival of the fittest…

For anyone who is not a competing top athlete. Hot summers day’s completing a good work out can be a challenge for anyone. But with those with Lupus (SLE) who have photo sensitivity: UV Ray’s + too much exposure to sunlight, which can trigger a flare (rash, joint pain, fatigue etc) it can be a […]

How Fitness Benefits Dyslexics?

If we think about the science & psychology of fitness. This includes, structured timings of reps + weights + anatomy & physiology, coordination, etc. The psychology of mindset, brain training, memory, motivation, wellbeing etc. The list is endless how fitness in it’s planning, doing a repeated exercise/workout trains the brain as well as the body […]

TAS Interviews 2019: It’s LouLous Blog

Originally posted on thetaslifestyle:
Hello readers! This is slightly different from my previous blog posts because… *drum roll* This is an Interview blog post. During last week, I decided to interview a lifestyle blogger called it’s Lou Lous Blog which is great since I like to connect with other bloggers with the same/similar niche as…