P.T, Fitness, Yoga and Wellbeing (IPHM) Instructor/Trainer/Teacher & Sports Coach.
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Commit To Get Fit & Motivated.

About Me

After many years of less than 0-50% mobility due to Lupus SLE causing kidney/lung organ failure & serious medical complications.

High medication usage, chemotherapy plus working on my dyslexia whilst gaining my BSc Science & Health degree took it’s toll. Not only physically but mentally causing periods of low self esteem & depression. After a second episode of kidney failure I decided to turn my life around & start again. Going back to my original active passion as before I was involved in sports & fitness. Completing a NVQ 3 Sports Coaching Award. Gaining my BAWLA accreditation & Football award. An excellent swimmer & professional dancer from the age of 5. I Was accepted to do BSc Sports Science at university when Lupus SLE afflicted me to become incapacitated. With that all my Fitness & sports dreams came to an end.

Worked in retail & food industry which gave me an insight in figures, training teams & years of customer service experience working with all members of the public. Plus as a support & learning teacher for children with all different needs encouraging learning through different learning styles.

But optimistically I never gave up hope of returning to my first passion. I was always generally happy & self motivated with a force of determination to overcome obstacles & motivate, mentor people to live their best life.

By training with & been mentored by top experienced fitness, health & educational specialists. Aided my development to gain knowledge & skill in my delivery & expertise.

I am a qualified, accredited & insured personal trainer, fitness instructor, nutrition, yoga & yoga wellness. Teaching school children through active play + sport’s coaching. I am also an advocate for chronic kidney disease, Raynaud’s & Lupus. Plus dyslexia with the belief that we all have the ability & deserve to have an active mind & body. No matter what our present situation is.

With additional qualifications in nutrition, psychology, health, counselling, sports coaching & Special educational needs training. Also IPHM accredited.

Mind & Body.

Products and Services

Indoor & Outdoor •Personal Training / Instructor/ Trainer / Teacher.

• One to One & Group sessions.

•Yoga Fitness.

• Fitness.

• Yoga & Mindfulness Yoga.

• Yoga Wellness.

• Sports Coach.

International Practioners of Hollistic Medicine (IPHM) qualified / accredited.

Online 🌍: Zoom/WhatsApp/video call.

Lupus 💜 & Dyslexia Advocate.

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South London.

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