Heatwave, Fitness, health & Lupus: survival of the fittest…

For anyone who is not a competing top athlete. Hot summers day’s completing a good work out can be a challenge for anyone. But with those with Lupus (SLE) who have photo sensitivity: UV Ray’s + too much exposure to sunlight, which can trigger a flare (rash, joint pain, fatigue etc) it can be a […]

Where there’s fitness, there’s a way. Upper Body Tone & Strengthening 💪🏾😁 Exercises (supine: laying down).

When you have those upper body tone & Strengthening goals. Your first thought maybe is oh dear I haven’t got any weights or go to gym. Depending on your reasons which are many. For example child care, work, money, workout & weights equipment space issues at home plus &/or illness. There are more examples but […]


Whether it’s indoors or outdoors. Including stretches in your daily life will provide essential health & fitness benefits for the body to function. We are used to viewing stretches as part of an exercise routine. For example as part of a workout for example any sporting activity or rehabilitation from an injury or illness. But […]