Heatwave, Fitness, health & Lupus: survival of the fittest…

For anyone who is not a competing top athlete. Hot summers day’s completing a good work out can be a challenge for anyone.

But with those with Lupus (SLE) who have photo sensitivity: UV Ray’s + too much exposure to sunlight, which can trigger a flare (rash, joint pain, fatigue etc) it can be a absolute nightmare🥵😷🤒.

Not too mention the social aspect of feeling like sometimes you just don’t have the energy to give your usual 💯%

Lupus (photosenstivity) snippet used & for more info: link.

Even with the sun lotion, water & a hat. Aside from venturing out in a air conditioned bubble ball.haha. The potential to trigger a flare is there.

But where there is a will, there is a way. As I love the sunshine, the outdoors & working out💪🏾😁. As well as having the endless space to train clients. It’s my safe place & my go to because it never fails to provide me with happiness, peace & positive vibrations.

So I made up my heat resistance kit I carry at all times.

• Sun Lotion/Spray 30 high.

• Cooling Mist Spray.

• 2 Water bottles (which includes a frozen 1) because it serves 2 purposes. Whilst the water is defrosting I can use the bottle to place on my joints after a workout (using RICE techinque).

• Sunglasses.

• Cap & bandana (which I placed in the fridge the night before).

• Fruit or smoothie. Usually a smoothie as my appetite tends to not want to consume solid foods. Which explains with Lupus + chronic Anaemia weightloss is a symptom (before you think that’s great I hear you ladies say). The energy levels take a bashing with serious fatigue which is horrible when your brain is wide awake & ready to exercise but the body is like blah.

All items are pretty much standard for everyone who is to be out in extreme heat. I just have multiple methods of use. Which also saves having to carry a shop’s worth of goods in my bag & nobody wants that.haha.

So I get that exercise consistency & be able to enjoy the sun in the day. Scoping out shaded parts of the park is like an exciting adventure for me. Because I know I’m going to have a great workout.

So motivation stays high because there is a realism to been able to workout outside without worrying about the high risk of triggering a flare-up.

By making sure I utilise outside spaces such as gardens & parks near to where I live. I know should I feel unwell It will be a short distance home. Also walking to & from my destinations is exercise in it self. Cardio & heart health (I love walking b.t.w😁🚶🏾‍♀️).

Plus when I have opted to walk even long distances rather than get on public transport. I have discovered some beautiful places on my route home which I haven’t experienced before. For example different parts of the Thames or lakes & forests in green spaces I have passed many times before but didn’t really pay attention that they existed.

Places where you can be comfortable with friends, family or partners & enjoy the social aspects which contribute to health & wellness. Not feeling like an outsider to everyday experiences of those who have no illnesses is maintaining that normal.

The precautions I take having Lupus (photosensitive) also serves a purpose for other groups such as children & older people.

Plus those who want to maximize their workout routines when the weather is hot. With fitness the range of exercises are endless. So opting for example a core conditioning & stretches workout. Is still enabling your individual muscle tone & Strengthening goals. Whilst anything that creates sweat & maybe to strenuous to do outdoors can be moved to either indoors or moved to later in the evening. Or planned as a high cardio day on a separate day.

So it is like survival of fittest when the days of high temperatures are five days in a row & you don’t want your workout routine & schedule to suffer (motivation + goals).

So where there’s a will, there is always a way😁.

Commit to get fit & motivated.

Lupus💜: Keepitmoving 👣.

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