How Fitness Benefits Dyslexics?

If we think about the science & psychology of fitness. This includes, structured timings of reps + weights + anatomy & physiology, coordination, etc.

The psychology of mindset, brain training, memory, motivation, wellbeing etc.

The list is endless how fitness in it’s planning, doing a repeated exercise/workout trains the brain as well as the body adds structure for brains that are dyslexic &/or have a learning difficulty. Plus the opportunity to release the caged energy that builds up & can be expressed in a productive way.

As a dyslexic brain like myself works differently then those who are non dyslexic. Because the brains neuron signalling is wired differently. The brain is operating at a different speed⬆️🤯. Hence someone who is dyslexic will often have another diagnosis of a disability/difficulty associated. For example ADHD which I am borderline. This explains my explosion of energy & creativity on a daily basis. When unable to release it. It can cause frustration. But as I have been provided & created the tools to handle it. I don’t like so many dyslexics who are misunderstood or not tested, express their fustratrations in behavioral out pours often seen as disruptive or antisocial (That’s the scientific bit out the way. Haha).

Been visual individuals by nature. Observation is a strength we have at been able to look at something & emulate it. So fitness provides the opportunity to observe exercises & learn at the same time (Great for kids especially who are still developing their motor, mental & physical skills).

The mental health of a dyslexic individual also gets a boost not just from the general health aspects fitness provides in endorphins (happy hormones), but also confidence & motivation providing a platform for wellbeing improvement.

With a multitude of exercises which can work on every element of the human body & it’s functions. Fitness can aid developing coordination, stability & balance.

Learning for example a boxing exercise set. Where you are instructed to punch pads using a number system (1: left jab: 2: right jab. 1, 2, 1, 1, 2). Is training the brain to remember (memory) whilst using movement to execute the set (visual). Also working on coordination. It forms a story for the memory bank.

Honestly for me it also helps release the fustratrations I have about the lack of understanding & societal attitudes regarding the subject of learning difficulty/disabilities in society & in esatablishments (education + business, corporate etc).

This blanket of shame that still exists that I don’t understand. Because I come across so many people who are not living to their full potential due to a label that they are genetically stuck with🤔.

It’s like not declaring you have a visual impairment & given a book to read in a specific time without any aids to help you. Missing a deadline & coming across as been unable to carry out tasks or not skilled enough.

Where in fact the skill sets dyslexic people adopt to train & learn is beneficial to the wider public. Because it incorporates all the methods which a individual requires to develop to their best potential in all areas of life be it socially, mentally & physically.

For me personally it makes my sports coaching more interesting with the children because I have issues with remembering names be it people or games. So I find fun ways to include them whether it be assist me, taking turns as a coach or Instructor. Or games monitor etc.

Also those with autism have a skill for detail & have educated me in a practical way how to deliver a session which benefits everyone whilst catering for their needs.

Also as a P.T & fitness trainer with adult’s & young people. They always get that extra bonus of additional training because the ideas start to flow due to that creative streak I have.

Due to the nature of been a fitness professional & sports coach there is planning, timing & managing. Both individuals & myself so it’s an everyday practice which enables me to develop those skills. That I as a dyslexic due the workings of my brain function can have difficulty with.

(Which I do get thanked for after they hate me for how sore the muscles felt the next day😂).

This is when people can’t believe I have Lupus (SLE) incurable autoimmune illness. I get that alot. But thankfully dyslexia has gifted me with the ability to have superb observation skills, be creative & multiple effective communication methods at my disposal.

So get involved. Not just getting fit but using it to help with the many dyslexic traits that have held so many people back from reaching their full potential 💪🏾🧠🔝.

So fitness can do so many things other than just be a label for Individuals to show the world. Look at me I workout.

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