Selfcare Autumn 🧡 Active. Lockdown Health, Fitness & Wellbeing.

As we are all aware lockdown has brought with it many changes to our lives. Most of all restructuring our daily routine from working, socialising, family/friends as just a few examples. With many who were previously shielding like myself (lupus sle) having to readjust back to a limited contact lifestyle. But adopting a selfcare, health, […]

Summer Health, Fitness & Wellbeing Checkpoint 🌞🏁

As the new month of July has just started. Not that it’s been any different after month’s of lockdown. Especially for shielders like myself who have had the pleasure of their own company for at least 4 month’s. Everyone full of some type of enthusiasm about what active ways they can create a sense of […]

Lupus SLE & Me. The Undeniable G.E.; Poem🖊🗒 10th of May #worldlupusday 💜🦋.

The illness that lives within, The walls of my human body, Popping pills, Visits to doctors, Drips & needles, Plus the smell of hospital toilets. In my twenties using a walking stick. A hidden quiet wolf, Ready for it’s prey, Hunting my healthy blood cells, Destroying my immune system along the way. Playing hide & […]

Fitness, Health & Wellbeing Motivation: Transition ➡️ Regulation ➡️ Goals✅.

As we are nearing to the transition stage of lockdown not been so restrictive. Also with summer on it’s way. It’s an important topic to now address our daily routine in order to either help ourselves to keep to our existing goals be it in health & fitness. This includes goals we had previous & […]

Lupus Lockdown: General & Lupus💜 Health, Fitness & Wellbeing; Motivation & Awareness. #lupusawarenessmonth 🦋

As we’ve all been affected in some way or another by the restrictions. All be it very necessary to curb the devastation to human lives & our healths the pandemic can/has caused across the globe so far. It is also important that no matter in what way you have been affected. Your health & wellbeing […]

Lockdown State of Mind. – Poem by Georgia Elliott When there’s other ways to stay active to stimulate those mind muscles & physically put it into action. Such as discovering &/or using creative ideas to fill in the time you have. Whether it is writing, drawing, poetry (like myself) & the list goes on. Even sprucing up your pillows with a new design […]

Spring into Summer Health & Fitness 🌸🌻🦋🏘.

As British summer started on the 29th March 2020. We Brits have had a head start when it comes to preparing for that summer body😁👌🏾. This can mean many things. It isn’t just for those who want that six pack showing through a xxs t-shirt. Haha. It can be tightening up the underarms &/or the […]

Spring 🌼🌸🌳 Into Fitness 🤸🏾‍♀️🤾‍♀️.

Yes spring is just around the corner. The prelude to summer. Whether indoors or outdoors. It’s a great time to spring into fitness. Raising those energy levels. With the imminent possibility of been housebound. Unable to go & workout at your favourite class, gym & other active hobbies like dancing, hiking etc. Especially those with […]