TAS Interviews 2019: It’s LouLous Blog

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Hello readers! This is slightly different from my previous blog posts because… *drum roll* This is an Interview blog post. During last week, I decided to interview a lifestyle blogger called it’s Lou Lous Blog which is great since I like to connect with other bloggers with the same/similar niche as…

Wellbeing, Wellness, Lupus & Fitness.

Fitness is not just exercising or going to do a workout. It’s also a tool to liberate the mind & be free in that moment of you been at one with your body & mind. Lupus SLE like any other illness or external forces that may impact on your mental health. Causing for example sadness, […]

I am me. Not what lupus did to me. (Fitness, health, wellbeing motivation)…

Most of us in our lives have experienced some type of pain. Whether it be physical &/or mental. So to understand the pain, struggle & the nature of the effects of Lupus (SLE). Is not as hard as one would think. Just take that one moment & absorb how it felt mentally & physically & […]

Summer is Coming..👀 Upper Body Exercises: Arm Muscle Tone & Strengthening Resistance Adaptation Extension Workouts💪🏾💯.

Yep summer is nearly upon us. When it’s that time to pull on that vest or sleeve less top😁. It’s not just about having your arms look more toned (which is a bonus from exercising) but fitting into your garments more comfortably especially when it’s really warm. No size is one fits all as we […]

Where there’s fitness, there’s a way. Upper Body Tone & Strengthening 💪🏾😁 Exercises (supine: laying down).

When you have those upper body tone & Strengthening goals. Your first thought maybe is oh dear I haven’t got any weights or go to gym. Depending on your reasons which are many. For example child care, work, money, workout & weights equipment space issues at home plus &/or illness. There are more examples but […]


Whether it’s indoors or outdoors. Including stretches in your daily life will provide essential health & fitness benefits for the body to function. We are used to viewing stretches as part of an exercise routine. For example as part of a workout for example any sporting activity or rehabilitation from an injury or illness. But […]

The Mind Field of Fitness Leggings. What’s Your Fit? 🤔

Long gone are the day’s of leotard’s & one size fits all leggings. With the addition of leg warmers just to point out your going to be exercising (I still wear them b.t.w).  These days with the 100 plus more different types & styles of fitness leggings on offer it’s a mind field of what […]

Lupus Fit….

#lupusawarenessmonth 💜 #lupus #sle #incurableautoimmuneillness #invisibleillness #chemotherapy #medication #pain #hospitals #relatedlupusillnesses #chronickidneydisease #aneamia #fatigue #scaring #arthritis #lungpleurisy #hairloss If this doesn’t scare me, it shouldn’t scare you. #ifyoudontknowthengettoknow I have no time for society to tell me who I should be, when I’m busy been me…☝🏾👑 G.Elliott: lupusfit 💪🏾💜. Coming to the end of lupus […]