Whether it’s indoors or outdoors. Including stretches in your daily life will provide essential health & fitness benefits for the body to function. We are used to viewing stretches as part of an exercise routine. For example as part of a workout for example any sporting activity or rehabilitation from an injury or illness. But […]

The Mind Field of Fitness Leggings. What’s Your Fit? 🤔

Long gone are the day’s of leotard’s & one size fits all leggings. With the addition of leg warmers just to point out your going to be exercising (I still wear them b.t.w).  These days with the 100 plus more different types & styles of fitness leggings on offer it’s a mind field of what […]

Lupus Fit….

#lupusawarenessmonth 💜 #lupus #sle #incurableautoimmuneillness #invisibleillness #chemotherapy #medication #pain #hospitals #relatedlupusillnesses #chronickidneydisease #aneamia #fatigue #scaring #arthritis #lungpleurisy #hairloss If this doesn’t scare me, it shouldn’t scare you. #ifyoudontknowthengettoknow I have no time for society to tell me who I should be, when I’m busy been me…☝🏾👑 G.Elliott: lupusfit 💪🏾💜. Coming to the end of lupus […]

Fitness & Lupus Compos Mentis.

        Fitness & Lupus Compos Mentis. Having that fitness mindset is as important as the physical aspect. Most people have goals but do you have control over your mind & body to achieve them?.Where there are options (back-up emotional resources) for example friends, family, spiritual or faith based practices, healthcare professionals or even […]