Sustainable Fitness: 100 Reps. Home Core & Abs. Exercises.

As we have all had to adjust our lives due to lockdown restrictions which have affected us in all different ways.

Keeping on top of our health, fitness & wellbeing is an individual responsibility that is unchanged regardless of situations or changes. So if it’s substituting a gym for a scaled down home gym then it’s something that enables you to get creative & active at the same time.

With sustainable fitness it’s having exercises that can fit into any schedule & or lifestyle. Whilst using bodyweight & no equipment required. The daily 100 is a great way to maintain &/or stay on your goal path.

Home Core & Abs. Exercises.

Here I have some examples focusing on core & abs. By doing 4Ɨ25 reps = 100. Which I prefer to do 4 different exercises of 25 reps making 100. Because it’s more beneficial than only doing 100 of one type if your not going to do any other exercise for that day. Plus you can use the 100 as 1 Set in a workout scenario. In which I would do 3 sets of 100. Also the 100 is adaptable for combining different exercises dependent on what you want to work on such as upperbody you could change the 4×25 reps to press-ups variations. Even swap out the exercises to yoga poses holding each for 25 seconds making sure the sequence is transitional.

With obesity & health weight related illnesses on the rise. The 100 is not imposing or to much of an impossible task to tackle or do. With it been not too time consuming. It provides time to address your daily eating habits & relationship with food. Also the relationship you have with yourself & what triggers any negative self talk or actions which contribute to not been motivated or substituting exercising for food or other vices to feel better for that moment.

With having Lupus SLE can mean adaptations & alternatives such as how I place my hands for example in a plank position. I use a closed fist. Which is still as efective & correct technique because arms are still in correct position it’s just the hands due to wrist bone death (AV) & arthritis in forearm & elbows with my right arm unable to fully straighten out. Plus I can’t do flat palm holds. As with handstands I use a wall etc. As a aid. Because it’s physically impossible to do a free stand handstand. But still possible to do every exercise with adaptations so nothing is off limits.

The core & abs. Is so important for our overall health as it connects the top & the bottom half of bodies together. It’s important for our posture & stability. Which contributes to our mobility. Because the core consists of the lower back, stomach (midsection). It is the general basis for been able to perform a large majority of standard & yoga fitness exercises & poses. For example the squat is referred to as the butt exercise. But without a strong core your depth or how low you can position into the squat correctly is limited. The same as head stands/hand stands. The core is just as important as having upperbody shoulder & arm strength.

The core also houses our digestive system. Which with exercise helps the gut muscles to be active such as in yoga some exercises relieve bloating. Because breathing & movement is allowing the muscle contraction to be active. Plus anyone who has the toned stomach goal. Exercising the core is the path to achieving it. In health having good core strength reduces lower back pain & can contribute to like for my experience. Helping with posture & no longer having painful issues having natural large breasts used to hurt my shoulders due to the weight slouching forward. Working on my core contributed to a stronger lower back (posture) as well as some shoulder exercises the issues are gone & that was without spending thousands on breast reduction.

The key to health, fitness & wellbeing been sustainable is doing what best suits your goals or daily living. Not dependent on time of year or circumstances.

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