Lockdown State of Mind. – Poem by Georgia Elliott

https://cosmofunnel.com/poems/lockdown-state-of-mind-183393 When there’s other ways to stay active to stimulate those mind muscles & physically put it into action. Such as discovering &/or using creative ideas to fill in the time you have. Whether it is writing, drawing, poetry (like myself) & the list goes on. Even sprucing up your pillows with a new design […]

Keeping Active + Recovery Fitness + Lupus Awareness Month💜✋🏾.

It’s Halloween 🎃. The night’s are darker earlier & the weather is colder. Plus it’s the last day of Lupus Awareness Month (incurable chronic autoimmune illness). So staying active is gonna have you doing more workouts/exercise indoors. If you live by an outdoor gym (free) even better for convenience & also the equipment tends not […]