Selfcare Autumn 🧡 Active. Lockdown Health, Fitness & Wellbeing.

As we are all aware lockdown has brought with it many changes to our lives. Most of all restructuring our daily routine from working, socialising, family/friends as just a few examples. With many who were previously shielding like myself (lupus sle) having to readjust back to a limited contact lifestyle. But adopting a selfcare, health, […]

Lupus Lockdown: General & Lupus💜 Health, Fitness & Wellbeing; Motivation & Awareness. #lupusawarenessmonth 🦋

As we’ve all been affected in some way or another by the restrictions. All be it very necessary to curb the devastation to human lives & our healths the pandemic can/has caused across the globe so far. It is also important that no matter in what way you have been affected. Your health & wellbeing […]