Lockdown State of Mind. – Poem by Georgia Elliott


When there’s other ways to stay active to stimulate those mind muscles & physically put it into action.

Such as discovering &/or using creative ideas to fill in the time you have. Whether it is writing, drawing, poetry (like myself) & the list goes on.

Even sprucing up your pillows with a new design or pattern created by you. Also using old food packaging to create something. The pleasure of imagination is that it’s free. It’s not limited to those who have & those who don’t have in material wealth. Plus there is no age limit on creativity.

It’s where boredom has no place to survive. Because there is so much of a variety of reasons & ways to use your time. Be it writing down (starting journals) of your day to day. Your hope’s & dreams. Creating goals & plans for the future. Self reflecting & working on yourself.

For those like myself with Lupus or any other illness or sickness. Creating interesting ways to do stretches. Keeping the body & mind in sync.

Maybe even in the midst of your creative endeavors. Finding your passion to nurture after the lockdown is lifted. But knowing you utilized the time to benefit not just your health. But also allowing your mindset to be more productive & not become idle.

Of course isolation will affect everyone in different ways. Because of different circumstances & experiences. But by adhering to the guidelines means no one is exempt from contributing to reducing the length of time we will have to spend in it

There was a world before social media. Which means there were ways creatively to spend your time creating new &/or developing old one’s.

Creating your own recipes with the food you have. To the DIY that was on the summer list of things to do.

What counts is your actively using your brain & physically moving to implement any ideas.

So Stay Safe ❤ Stay Active 🙌🏾 Stay Positive✌🏾.

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P.T, Yoga, Fitness Trainer, Teacher, Instructor & Sports Coach (IPHM).

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