Whether it’s indoors or outdoors. Including stretches in your daily life will provide essential health & fitness benefits for the body to function.

We are used to viewing stretches as part of an exercise routine. For example as part of a workout for example any sporting activity or rehabilitation from an injury or illness.

But if we looked at the basics from waking up in the morning. How many of you stretch out your arms when yawning as you get out of the bed?🛌🏾🙆🏽‍♀️. It’s a subconscious thing we do which demonstrates the bodies need to stretch those muscles to prepare getting up & going about our day.

So why don’t we conciously do a few minutes stretching parts of the body everyday?. Because it’s viewed as having to do exercise everyday which can be like blah.

It’s about changing the mindset of the public 🧠💬. The human body is designed to enable movement in order to carry out daily activities for example holding a toothbrush to brush your teeth. To walk or cook for example. Carrying out hobbies such as dancing or drawing. All which requires muscle movement.

Stretches prepare the body & lubricate the joints & muscles so that they loosen up & can perform better for when the body is in movement. Improve flexibility & mobility. Aid posture improvement & stability. From having to spend time sitting down for long periods either at work or in other circumstances due to ill health, weight issues, travelling & so on. Anything that requires the body been static for a long time.

Any age, sex or person can perform stretches. From simple hand stretches to full body stretches. Those with Lupus 💜 like myself with joint &/or muscle ailments 🦵🏾✋🏽.

Stretches are a priceless form of exercise, which done daily enables the body to maintain a level of mobility even on bad days when I cannot do a full workout.

Playing an instrument we conciously stretch out the fingers. So we are very good at using stretches for purpose. When that purpose is doing something in particular. A logic which would apply to everyday life. As we all wake up & participate in doing our daily routine which requires movement. So wouldn’t it benefit your future health by doing stretches to give the body the start it needs to function at it’s best & maintaining the level of individual mobility it was designed for? 🙋🏾‍♀️😁

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