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G.Elliott: lupusfit ๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿพ๐Ÿ’œ.

Coming to the end of lupus awareness month.

It’s important to mention the benefits of fitness & exercise. With S.L.E the severest form of lupus. Taking charge of your fitness allows independence & self motivation to improve a situation that on paper can seem quite miserable.

Setting your goals whilst making gains in muscle tone & strength are not unrealistic.

I have been there & had it all. Lung & kidney failure, hair loss from lupus as well as via chemo. Been in a coma, bed ridden, wheelchair bound, MRSA, Scaring, blood clots, months spent in hospital isolation etc. The list goes on.

All the medication & illness itself can take it’s toll not only physically but mentally. It’s when you decide you have had enough of waiting to see improvements. But take the reigns & invest in how you can better your health & fitness levels.

What exercises interest you & can you make adaptations to get the same benefits.

Even just a one off consultation to see a fitness professional for those who can’t afford to upkeep a regular P.T. Makes a world of difference when it comes to doing exercises correctly & safely.

Getting a exercise program & a realistic goal target is key to staying motivated enough to keep it up. Especially when those flare-up day’s hit you. Unrealistic goals can crush your confidence if there aren’t alternatives to replace those non workout day’s.

Assessing what joint support you need & when. As I exercise with knee support (just regular tubing cut into layers to place over my knees) & wrist support due to arthritis & avascular necrosis.

Each individual is different so it’s what will benefit you. Knowing your limits. For example squats & lunges free standing is sometimes difficult. So using a bar, chair etc. Anything that I can hold onto, to perform deeper & more Intense squats are great alternatives to either doing them incorrect & not working the intended muscles. Or just not doing them at all.

Walking fit is great to start working on cardio whilst stretching & toning those leg muscles. No special equipment or workout gear needed. Plus can be done indoors. All that is needed is a timer (found on any mobile, watch etc).

Simple stretches (mentioned in A stretch a day… post). The byproduct of investing in my fitness was osteoporosis reversed to Ostepenia. Which was a shock but a happy one. It is important that what works for one person may not appeal to another. But there are fundamental exercises which are universal to improving core stability, balance & flexibility. For example the plank is not just a yoga position it is also a main exercise component in fitness. As it’s adaptable to adding more advanced & intense positions for example side plank etc.

The social side is joining exercise classes. As lupus can affect social life due to it’s unpredictable nature. So receiving support from those on the same path of fitness can be helpful keeping you motivated because the goal of self improvement is relatable.

Combining advice from your G.P, consultant or any health professional with a fitness schedule suited for you. Is only going to improve your situation. But not doing anything & accepting this is your life. Can only impact on you not doing anything about it. Yes it can be frustrating but if your not willing to provide yourself with solutions then how can you help yourself to have a fitter & healthier future


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