Good Friday Feeling: Creative Spring 🌻 Active 🔥 Poem: Glorious by Georgia Elliott.

Creative Spring Active.

It’s good friday & shielding has ended. Hooray. Even though Lupus SLE life still goes on I feel glorious.

Been Spring Active is not just getting physical but also been mentally active with poetry for me a creative way to engage in stimulating my mind & self expression. An addition to improving my wellbeing & mood. Because it’s been able to express my feelings in a beautiful way that I can read back to myself like a lyrical diary.

Been dyslexic also. Poetry is like a gift granted to me to use words & discover new ones improving my vocabulary & grammar. As it feels natural rather than forced which helps me learn & retain information better.

So I hope you find/found your creative expression. Because people can tell you what to do. But it has to feel right for you. We all have our own shoes to walk in. Seeing things as a guide rather than just one way. Allows you to grow as an individual rather than a copy of someone else’s life. Which will just be the surface & not all the gifts you were given waiting to be used….


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