Fitness & Lupus Compos Mentis.

        Fitness & Lupus Compos Mentis.

Having that fitness mindset is as important as the physical aspect. Most people have goals but do you have control over your mind & body to achieve them?.
Where there are options (back-up emotional resources) for example friends, family, spiritual or faith based practices, healthcare professionals or even your trainer for that motivational nudge.
Only you can really embed that fitness mindset that when life wants to throw you a curve ball you don’t get stuck in that moment.
Non more so true than having Lupus. Joints, medication, new illness diagnosis every other year can take its toll on the mind. Bringing up questions you put to bed adjusting your routines to accommodate issues.

Can I stay motivated even when my body is not working. How long will my Lupus mood go on for & how low will it take me ?.
But acknowledging the depths of emotional lows, makes ways of training & reconditioning the subconscious to have ideas that fulfill my fitness quota.
So whether it’s time out for myself been active going for a hike or indoors stretching & meditating. Been creative with housework or using a hot bath to practice certain simple yoga/calisthenics moves (water is great for easing pressure on joints). It’s having that automatic mind & body control to take over when the concious mind is in crisis.
Maintaining a level of fitness which even when not totally motivated. Consistency rules the day contributing to healthy coping mechanisms as well as keeping the body mobile & active.
Fitness is more than just been able to do, for example 20 push-ups or get through a Hiit class. It’s mindset & an improvement to a way of life. Having that control over mind & body…..


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