Cardio Tone & Heart Health.

An essential part of improving overall health & tone is cardio.

The heart & heart rate is key to getting the blood pumping & the body functioning to a level where your not restricted to be active on a daily basis.

As well as taking on cardio based exercise routines such as Hiit classes.

Also the health benefits aiding heart health (cardiovascular). With a balanced daily food intake & regular exercise. An aid to reducing cholesterol.

With modern society of less movement, more stress & rich foods. All can have an effect on our hearts & not looked after can lead to heart disease, high blood pressure etc.

Also the benefits of aiding weight loss & maintenance. Or just getting the body moving & waking up those muscles as a daily goal to get into the habit of movement which our bodies are designed for.

Toning benefits of the legs including calves & secondary muscles in the back & hips.

Depending on your goals & fitness levels to adding weights or intensity. Cardio steps is great for any level, ability or age group to adapt & do on a regular basis. Indoors or outdoors.

With someone with Lupus (S.L.E) I can have issues with limited mobility, joint movement restriction (range of motion) & unable to leave home due to a flare-up etc.

Which relates to those who maybe feeling unwell or just have a busy schedule to get in a few minutes of cardio. Adapting the cardio steps dependent on the day’s factors means you leave yourself without any excuses….

Here is my indoor cardio steps Variation.

Remember to engage abs. (Pull belly button in. To obtain stomach contraction).

Variation steps cardio exercise.

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    1. Thank you for your feedback on my 1st piece. I’m glad you found it useful. May you have a positive & motivated day. If you have any fitness question suggestions you would like me to answer/cover or feature. Feel free to leave in comment section x.

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