Summer is Coming..👀 Upper Body Exercises: Arm Muscle Tone & Strengthening Resistance Adaptation Extension Workouts💪🏾💯.

Yep summer is nearly upon us. When it’s that time to pull on that vest or sleeve less top😁.

It’s not just about having your arms look more toned (which is a bonus from exercising) but fitting into your garments more comfortably especially when it’s really warm. No size is one fits all as we come in all different shapes & sizes.

But toning the muscles via exercising will help reduce those dreaded bingo wings😑. A natural process as we age, because we start to loose the elasticity in the skin (unfortunately). Plus like me I’m not a gym fanatic & sometimes I just can’t lift the dumbbell weights due to Joint issues/pain because of my Lupus.

As you can see I love my resistance exercise bands 🙌🏾💜. Because they are so adaptable & come in different resistance strengths which means you get the workout you need without having to go from one exercise machine to another & the chance to be creative with your workout reducing boredom or the motivation to do a quick set whilst watching your favourite program.

As you can set goals. For example if your favourite show has 4 five minute ad breaks. Then you could do bicep curl (or row/extension) every break for 3mins. So by the end of the show you’ve just completed your daily bicep sets without even having to get kitted up in all the latest fitness gear.

Btw I live 90% of my life in fitness gear by default as it comes with the territory of been a sports coach & fitness professional. Plus like many with SLE the material used & seen as fitness or casual wear for example leggings, jogging bottoms etc don’t have buttons & fabric which can be very uncomfortable or restricting for joints & the skin. Due to kidney disease & chronic Anaemia my weight can fluctuate due to fluid retention (kidney issues). Or weight loss when I’m super anaemic which previously cost me a bundle of cash in different sized clothes.

But thankfully been consistent with my exercise has contributed to remaining one dress size for years now (happy days).

Having the option to tone & Strengthen the arms using a resistance band means anyone & everyone can exercise their upper body without any barriers or obstacles to stop them. As long as your form (posture) is correct which is very important. Because not exercising the right way may create future health issues not working out the right muscle groups. Therefore unknowingly for example tightening a muscle that is already tight can cause an imbalance. Such as in the shoulders or back not allowing extension of the spine which is the connection between the upper & lower part of body interfering with a healthy posture & crucial to been able to exercise the core.

Below is a video⬇️ with some upper body arm exercises using a stretch resistance band. I just use the regular USA Pro ones which come in pack. Use whatever resistance bands suit you best. If you need to buy the one’s with handles then do.

I suggest you do twice as many reps as you would do with a dumbbell. Or set a timer & do as many as you can in that time period as you can 1min. Duration: 10 Sec. Rest period. X3 sets. Depending on your goals if you want to go into overload. Extend to 5mins & alternate exercises working bicep & tricep muscle groups with maximum effort (muscle contraction).

Engage abs (pull in belly button for stomach contraction: promotes tone). Breath out on exertion…👍🏽💪🏾

This exercise requires arm extension. Make sure when performing extension moves not to lock the joint at the elbows (this causes over extension of the muscle & can create wear & tear of that joint).

Commit To Get Fit & Motivated..

What’s your upper body goals this summer?

Upper Body Arm Muscle Tone + Strengthening


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