I am me. Not what lupus did to me. (Fitness, health, wellbeing motivation)…

Most of us in our lives have experienced some type of pain. Whether it be physical &/or mental.

So to understand the pain, struggle & the nature of the effects of Lupus (SLE). Is not as hard as one would think.

Just take that one moment & absorb how it felt mentally & physically & just imagine been trapped in that cycle unable to run from it because it is part of every cell in your body. That is Lupus (SLE).

But just like anyone else you have a choice of what you want from this life with what you have.

You have to forgive Lupus for the loss of your old life & appreciate a new life where you can start afresh with new goals, mindset & adjustments in every area of your life. The beautiful thing is. You are in control of what you put in.

“My Mantra is: Focus on what pain gave you (strength). Not what it took from you (Time)….
Lupus💜: Keepitmoving 👣.

G.Elliott: fitness professional freelance”.

Yes there will be those in society who will view you as not been as put together or fit enough etc.

But who is? In the modern world of cosmetic surgery/procedures & fillers. There is a unique beauty about glowing from the inside out with no filters. My scars are a map of my journey.

The results of putting in the effort & commitment to exercise & love yourself to get healthier & stronger in mind & body.

To believe in your achievements no matter how small it maybe to someone else. A self discovery of your strength that you never knew you had. Motivation to live the best life. That there will be days when the pain is severe & your mood will drop (hormone levels). But that it’s just a whisper from Lupus that I’m still here.

Exercise & fitness can give you that moment to release the fight in you to reclaim your body & mindset to rebuild your health, your confidence & self esteem.

Because it’s your goals & individual wants of what you want to achieve. So the battles you fought, to get you where you are & going forward to. Are no longer a starter for acceptance. But this is me. Take it or leave it.

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P.T, Yoga, Fitness Trainer, Teacher, Instructor & Sports Coach (IPHM).

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