Wellbeing, Wellness, Lupus & Fitness.

Fitness is not just exercising or going to do a workout. It’s also a tool to liberate the mind & be free in that moment of you been at one with your body & mind.

Lupus SLE like any other illness or external forces that may impact on your mental health. Causing for example sadness, depression &/or lack of motivation, self doubt, energy etc.

Can take it’s toll on your mental state & emotional balance. We all have those days when everything just seems blah & no one understands because it’s a feeling within.

With Lupus SLE. The constant hospital appointments, blood tests , medication, treatments, new diagnoses to have to deal with & adapt too. Whilst trying to have healthy relationships, work & just live can affect your mood on a random basis.

Not only because of hormonal imbalance due to stress which is a trigger for lupus symptoms like a rash or sore joints to make an appearance 🙄. But the perception of not been sociable because you’ve opted to take time out (I have learnt it’s better to satisfy my needs to get my mind right. Than to pretend I’m fine among people)😊🥰.

Once I filled those moments with fitness. Exercising lifted my mood with feeling down moments. Plus the physical benefits of toning & Strengthening muscles & joints which were so savagely brutalized by lupus. The beauty of fitness is you can personalize it to suit your needs on a daily basis. So if I want to get adrenaline fuelled I would do a boxing session or MMA. If I want to focus on breathing, core & inside (digestion) I would do Yoga style stretches. The choices are endless.

But the happiness & positivity that prevails is priceless as it’s rewarding yourself with self care & self love. Having goals & appreciating every step is positive fuel for the brain.

I love the surroundings of nature & the air on my skin. That’s my go to no matter how sick I maybe on a given day. So light stretches or a brisk walk to exercise & stimulate muscle movement helps to maintain consistency whilst allowing my mind to relax & find peace (but I’m a modern hippy✌🏾 at heart💜)…

The motivation to be who you want to be regardless of the obstacles you have to face & the views of those who fail to understand that thou I may have my moments. I’m alive, present & will keep going even if it means starting again.

So fitness is not just a means to getting that six pack or toned buttocks. It’s much more than that . It can provide a balance for the mind & stimulate those positive vibrations & motivation.

A chance to heal & mend any negative thoughts &/or self doubt & appreciate the unique being you are💫.



Commit To Get Fit & Motivated.

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