Fitness, Raynaud’s & Lupus.

The benefits of fitness for anyone is an improvement of health &/or lifestyle. Especially for those with an illness which has no cure at present such as Lupus (SLE) in my case & many others.

As Lupus (SLE) can create lupus related illnesses such as chronic kidney disease, anaemia, lung pleurisy, pneumonia etc. Due to the immune system constantly on the attack leaving the body with no protection from viral/bacteria infections.

Also related illnesses caused due to long term medication to help stabilise lupus SLE can be a factor.

One such related illness is Raynaud’s which is inflammation of the blood vessels & nerves which causes numbness & pain in areas of the body. Common triggers been the cold & stress.

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In my case the cold tends to trigger my Raynaud’s which is painful & renders my hands unusable for at least 10 minutes because of the pain & numbness experienced it’s something I wouldn’t wish on anyone.

With fitness implementing exercises such as cardio, yoga stretches etc. Any type of exercise or workout that aids improvement in blood circulation is beneficial.

Because it’s not a cure but can improve the overall general health which therefore is only positive.

Been mindful of Raynaud’s taking steps to deal with an episode such as having layers. What I mean by that is I always carry a extra layer of clothing in my bag for example a jacket or sweater no matter the weather. Because sudden changes in temperature can be a trigger.

When the weather gets a little cooler I carry gloves. Because nothing is more annoying when working out & my hands get the Raynaud’s attack & I haven’t got my gloves (gripped gloves) & have to stop 😬 for at least 10 minutes 🤦🏾‍♀️😂.

Long socks on if the weather is less than favourable & making sure rooms are warm counts towards managing the reduction of Raynaud’s attack. But you can’t control the outside weather so layers as mentioned before is always on hand.

But also I have alternative exercises in place which don’t require use of my hands until the episode has passed.

Fitness has reduced the number of episodes I have experienced but its different for everyone.

Also by having a variety of exercises to do in place of hand based exercises such as press-ups etc. My motivation & momentum is maintained & goals on track.

Also my wellbeing is been managed by not inhibiting my abilities to feel I am less than or unable to do something based on something not within my control.

As stress can be a trigger. Fitness can provide a release in been active or creative.

Because fitness is about partaking in a activity, be it Hiit, walking, boxing, dancing, yoga etc (the list goes on) anything that improves health & makes the body move…….

So investing in fitness along with the guidance of your consultant or whichever health professional specialist care you belong too. It’s worth taking responsibility for the improvements you can make as individual for managing your overall health & longterm goals.

Nothing can be worse than were you started so the only way is 🔝.

Commit to get fit & motivated.

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