Patience – Poem by Georgia Elliott

Aside from physical exercise. I’ve always loved writing poetry. Not just because it allows me to release my creative energy. But because been dyslexic poetry gives me this wide spectrum of words to express my thoughts that I can put on paper in a rhythmic way that flows.
Activating my mind in other ways. In a way it’s like a journal of my thoughts & feelings expressed creatively.

Poem snippet: For more & to view other poems please click link under title.

If you haven’t discovered your own creative talents during the pandemic. It’s not too late to try now. Be it playing a musical instrument, creative dancing, arts & craft. Even acting etc.
It’s not just about been only physically active. Be creative & allow your mind to be as well.

Creative pursuits can contribute to motor skills & physical development. Coordination & development in social skills should you want to connect with others who share the same hobbies, gifts &/or creative release. Can contribute to your wellbeing.

Been dyslexic for me. My creative release been poetry not only do I enjoy it but it helps me with developing my grammar & retaining words spelt correctly.

Especially been a keyworker & sports coach with children of all abilities. Having creative ways to get active gives a wider range to communicate & express oneself Individually.

Allowing people to feel what I wrote & can see it just by reading them. Is one of the greatest Joy’s. Because through them I’m able to speak in a way I wouldn’t in person (would be strange if I just spoke in rhyme thou🤔). But you get what I am saying. It’s like looking at a picture & everyone has their own interpretation of what’s going on. But everyone will have at least one feeling about it.

Creatively active is non discriminatory. Whether your young or old. Wealthy or not. Abled or non abled body. There is something for everyone to explore.

Have a creative & positive festive season 🎄💫.

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