Tis the season to be jolly & keep active…

With winter & the festive season upon us. It can be the tendency to place exercise at the end of the prority list .

When really it should be number 1. Not only because exercising can provide the body with energy & activating those muscles to function at their best during the colder weather temperatures.

When winter is here & the day’s get darker earlier & like in London. The rain seems to be persistent in it’s presence. That salad soon becomes a pie with mash & loads of gravy.haha.

So as the body requires more nourishment to keep it insulated & provide warmth. It’s just the way the human body was designed. Living on liquid soups would not cut it. Because we need to consume solids which through chewing stimulates the salivary glands & allows the nutrients to be digested in our gut for healthy bowel movement.

So having some bodyweight exercises that you can do daily for example. Yoga style poses which can be used as stretches &/or as a main exercise. Or jogging on the spot if you have a weight loss goal. But need to stick to your cardio target.

Even if you don’t have a specific fitness goal. Exercising &/or stretching aids joint & muscle health. Muscle mobility & flexibility. Especially for those like myself with Lupus (joint & circulatory issues) which can be worse during colder months. Also the elderly who are more susceptible to stiffness in joints & for example young children’s physical development who due to darker nights for example have less time playing outside & been active.

Bodyweight exercise options which do not require special equipment, weights or clothing (having to own a pair of those expensive leggings that were designed by NASA types as an example) haha.

Exercising staying active can also aid your Wellbeing. Stretching &/or exercising can stimulate the brain helping with concentration &/or calming the mind with breathing techniques.

Maintain muscle tone & Strengthening for muscle groups. Should you have new year goals. They can serve as a build up for more extensive workout sessions. For example wanting toned arms. Starting with 10 press ups a day toning & Strengthening the upper body gradually. Can also count towards your daily activity level.

Building core strength which is a great health benefit. As the midsection of our body is important for stability & posture.

Making walking sessions. Either for leisure &/or general more productive (technique).

Like myself who had been incapacitated for months at a time in my earlier years with Lupus SLE at it’s most active suffering muscle loss. Even thou the fascination with a well rounded butt is the in thing. It’s not for male admiration why glute exercises are so important for me. Plus most glute exercises also tone the thighs. As it’s impossible to have a toned looking buttocks without toning the upper thighs which lifts up the underbutt (it’s a physiological thing).

It’s due to the fact that the butt serves as a cushion for our bodyweight to rest on.

It was often painful sitting down for a period of time. Because my glute muscles were so weak so I could feel my upper body weight pressing down on my hip bones.

Also for females floor exercises like the bridge. Aids pelvic health. Individuals with weight issues or physical disabilities (ailments &/or injuries) which affects their ability to sustain a correct pose or compromise correct technique.

The beautiful thing about bodyweight exercises is that it’s all inclusive. So everyone can enjoy the winter season & be active.

Will you be staying active during the winter season. Or are you leaving it to put on your new year’s resolution list?.

My question would be. Why start the new year with so much to do when you can do just a little everyday?. Not only are you prepped for the colder weather but you’ll also be motivated to complete whatever goals you have set for yourself.

Also having the momentum to be consistent training the mind to have exercise as just one component of your daily living. Rather than it been a chore.

Merry Festive Season.

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