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As we’ve all been affected in some way or another by the restrictions. All be it very necessary to curb the devastation to human lives & our healths the pandemic can/has caused across the globe so far.

It is also important that no matter in what way you have been affected. Your health & wellbeing can be managed by utilizing the time in lockdown to your advantage.

Many times we can put things aside for example starting that new exercise or studying a new craft. Sometimes due to time restrictions or not giving it our full attention. Because we lived our lives constantly on the move.

Ultimately all things in life can have an affect on your health & wellbeing. From worrying about finances which can lead to stress affecting your overall wellbeing. To eating more to combat boredom & not been as active as we was.

But for every downside there is an upside. The glass half full analogy (depending on how you view life). Rather than see lockdown as a punishment. Because it’s a term used in prisons. But even in that situation. A Lockdown is too create a safer environment. Just as it’s been used to create one for us be it on a bigger scale.

It is the opportunity to assess your life & where you want to be or achieve. By resisting to live by the guidelines which is temporary. Ignoring or refuting the rules to suggest your human rights have been taken away. So doing the very thing which will prolong the lockdown is something people should address about themselves. Also to the people who half commit but by giving 50% in this situation is the same as clapping for key workers but still meeting up with people not from household.

So by thinking what other time have I had. When I could give 100% on any goal. Whether it be in creative pursuits. Writing, drawing etc. Working on your relationships. Be it spending time with your children in a productive way because you understand how important your input is in their learning development. As so often in my experience the many children who I helped with their homework or reading/writing not been done because some parents didn’t have the time. It’s about everyone taking responsibility for how they choose to use the time given in lockdown. As the blame cannot be put anywhere else.

The opportunity to give to those who are minors & clinically unable to understand the importance of why we are in lockdown. In a way that will benefit them.

Lockdown is the opportunity to give yourself a reality check. About your spending habits, eating habits & how to plan for a sustainable future. Such as having self motivation & creating a better version of yourself because material goods such as flashy car has no value in this period.

Within the midst of this pandemic lockdown there are those with invisible illnesses such as Lupus SLE (autoimmune illness) like myself.

Who having already succumb to lung failure & two episodes of kidney failure which in the first instance landed me some time in ICU in a coma. The prospect of contracting this virus which is a respiratory invader would ultimately mean death. Also having puemononia just before the lockdown rules became applicable to everyone. Mine & like so many others were already in self isolation.

So having coming upto four months in self isolation (shielding). That has meant no visitors, friends, family & the things we often take for granted such as human touch & going to the park for example. Has not felt like punishment even thou there was sadness not been able to hug my father as he left my birthday dinner on my doorstep. But a reminder to channel what I’m passionate about into action. Plus focus on what I can do in this period to help my fitness, health & most importantly my wellbeing.

As Lupus SLE is not just physical as the medical definition is based on the physical effects. It’s very much a mental issue as well.

Lupus can affect your mood (mood swings) & can cause clinical & non clinical depression. Due to hormone changes (medication, flare-up) & stress etc. But because people can’t see the mental side of Lupus. It’s easy to be misunderstood & can affect personal relationships if not discussed or managed. Also with the many Lupus related illnesses that are the byproduct of Lupus effects on the immune system attacking organs causing chronic pain, aneamia, joint & mobility issues, hair loss etc.

So going to hospital is still something we have to do. That means coming outside of the safety zone within our home to go to the very place where the most sick inflicted with the virus is housed. Knowing that as you sit & wait there is someone dying. So lockdown is not about adopting a victim attitude. It’s about helping people to understand. Just by explaining your experience. They have a chance to see through your eyes. The benefit with that. Is they won’t experience the pain & it’s just a temporary insight enough to create awareness without guilt tripping. Because sympathy is undermining the message of understanding/awareness.

Just like having Lupus SLE. Lockdown is a case of so what are you going to do about it. Moan & bitch about the things you can’t do & the places you can’t go. Or look at life in a different perspective. Make do with what you have. Create ways to change what you don’t like & challenge yourself to achieve goals whether it be creatively, academically, fitness, health, financially &/or relationship with yourself &/or others. It could be all of those I’ve listed & more.

Such as having Lupus SLE with joint & digestion issues. As with those who don’t have issues. Investing time creating recipes which are easy, cheap but still tasty. Such as roasted veg, potato wedges &/or chips etc. Baking or cooking can be therapeutic & motivating due to the pleasure of creating something with your own hands. Plus for those who would (I’ve been guilty of this. 🤭haha) pop into a convenient store, coffee shop or take away etc & buy a meal that costs twice as much. Plus contains more salt, saturated fat then had you made the meal yourself at home claiming you didn’t have the time to do it.

Creating a youtube channel offering support to others. Wherever your talents lie this the time when it’s not just a privilege for those in the know. It’s a time when everyone is accepted to put their energy in to keep their minds & body active in a positive & productive way to get through lockdown.

I don’t claim it’s that easy to become overnight this idealic person who has everything in order. Or there won’t be any day’s when your frustrated, angry or sad about something (that’s life). As no one is perfect. Plus we all have different experiences. I for one is still working on my time patterns. Because insomnia is my vice at present. Also my timing has not actually been on point for a long time in reality. But acknowledging what I need to work on which includes researching my interests, studying, improving on my health, fitness & wellbeing. Going back to basics. Looking up & trialling natural ingredients for my new skin care & hair routine. Because with lupus sle. My skin is sensitive to a lot of the off the shelf products (including those who are labelled for sensitive skin) & the previous thinning of my hair due to Lupus & medication. Making notes, keeping a diary/journal & finding the formula to benefit my overall skin & hair health. Also by been consistent with my exercise thou it’s just been at home workouts. Or substituting an activity with DIY for example. I have maintained an active lifestyle, weight & physicality that has taught me & confirmed. You don’t need fancy gadgets or expensive gym wear to achieve fitness goals. All you need is the motivation & commitment to be consistent. Which has been an appreciated lesson learnt during this process. Which I have to admit. Lockdown has provided me with more determination & willpower than I thought I had. Including developing skills & As well as providing ways for others to hopefully gain more knowledge & motivation. Plus some light & positivity. That no matter who you are, your circumstances, status or your back ground. We all have the ability to contribute to creating positive changes in one or another. The power to adapt is a beautiful lesson even when the circumstances may have been the worst it could’ve been.

So stay safe, keep well, stay positive & together we can make it…..

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